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Turns out the placement of a Gem’s gemstone on their body isn’t consistent across all specimens of that Gem. I don’t think anyone predicted that. And this isn’t a Ruby-specific thing, either, since Blue Diamond’s Pearl had a chest gem. One wonders what factors contribute to the gemstone placement. Is it just where they were in the ground when they first formed, or what?

We have a bit more credence lent to the “Rose Quartz is Rose Diamond” theory; it seems not just anyone qualifies for their own personal Pearl. If she wasn’t actual royalty, then Rose Quartz had certainly risen in social status far more than most quartz-class Gems.

Speaking of fan theories, this episode basically confirmed one of mine: Ruby and Sapphire invented fusion as we know it. The idea of two dissimilar Gems combining together to make an entirely new one was apparently unheard of until Ruby and Sapphire combined together. Small wonder that Garnet considers herself such an expert on fusion!

I hope we get to see the moment when Garnet decided on her name. The idea of giving yourself a name–of having a name at all–must be pretty alien to Gemkind. Did she pick it up the practice from humans or what?

So were Rose and Pearl the entirety of the rebellion at this point? How did they manage to get an army, and how long did it take?

At the time of the flashback, Earth was apparently under Blue Diamond’s jurisdiction. Now it’s Yellow Diamond’s. One wonders why, and why we have yet to hear anything from Blue or White Diamond in the present day…

Finally, I want a mashup of “Stronger Than You” and “Something Entirely New,” like, yesterday.

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Date: Jan. 8th, 2016 03:56 am (UTC)
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Oh man, when the hummed love theme first showed up in "Something Entirely New" I may have legit teared up.

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