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From [personal profile] bjornwilde's journal among others:

One little compliment can make you feel amazing. So give me a compliment, anything in the entire world, even that my shoelaces are pretty. Put this in your journal. And once you get some comments, put that entry in a memory or tag and when you are feeling down, just go to that entry and this will remind you how great you are.

Don't forget to post this in your own journal so I can compliment you, too!
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Seriously. Do it.


Because a number of users have found that Automatic Payments were turned on without their consent. Even if they'd never had Automatic Payments turned on previously.

It's not yet clear when or how this happened. The one staffer who has commented on it thus far claims it won't result in any credit cards being charged, but fails to explain how it could have come to pass in the first place. And if even one credit card is charged without the owner's knowledge as a result of this, then it's fraud, pure and simple. This goes beyond unprofessionalism; this is illegal.

Check your accounts. If any of them have Automatic Payments turned on, and you didn't personally set them that way, send a trouble ticket to LiveJournal immediately. And repost this everywhere you can, to spread the word. If the aforementioned staffer was mistaken, it could mean money out of your pocket and the pockets of hundreds of other LiveJournal users past and present.

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